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Miss Donkey

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"It's useless you're looking for. Your name will not exist ", Roreta crossed her arms over her chest. Her face looked disgusted at a group of people who crowded in front of her.
"Why?". Rene turned her head toward Roreta. Then returns the focus to find a gap to see a paper that surrounded the announcement by the people.
Roreta rolled her eyes, "Because you're a loser."
"What!", Rene asked. Her brow furrowed.

Roreta snorted. "Even just to hear my words, you need to ask again."
"You're wrong if you think I'm deaf, Roreta", Rene's brown eyes glared  Roreta's blue eyes . "I just do not believe that you can tell me that. I think you are my friend. "
Roreta smiled sarcastically. "Precisely because I am your friend. You're too blind to see your own foolishness, so I have to say it clearly in front of you. "
"Do I have a fault with you?", Said Rene.
Roreta grinned. "Yes, there are. You embarrass yourself. You always try, but look, always failed. At least, if I try then I will not fail. "
"Then, why do not you try?", ask Rene.
"Obviously, because I do not want to be a loser."
"You're afraid to fail", Rene snorted.
"At least I do not like you", replied Roreta.
"How can you succeed if you yourself are planning to fail? You even fail before trying ", commented Rene.
Roreta's white cheeks flushed. She growled. "Tell it to me after you did, Miss Donkey."
Rene turned. She took a breath before returning guerrilla fighting in the crowd who saw the results announcement. Her brown eyes shifted wildly through every line the name on white paper in front of her. Her eyes widened as her brain to translate a name in the final sequence.
The brown-haired girl turned around. Brown eyes collided with  blue eyes that belong to someone who she considers as a friend. Brown eyes led others blue eyes  to read a name. A familiar name.
Rene's small lips formed a smirk, "Looks like Miss Donkey get the sweetest carrots."

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