Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Colourful Card

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Alright, today I make a colourful card, actually it’s a motivation card that I will stick on my cupboard. I make that because I need some motivations, yeah, you know, live is hard. There, I write 10 mindset (you can read my old post about it, I wrote it in Indonesian). I using linen paper that I print some words and a picture of a girl on it, then I cut it. I make those colourful because I like it. The basic of this card is also a linen paper. I cut it like a wave on the border because I’m not in the mood to cut in a line. Yeah, sometimes my brain doesn’t like a line. Hehe… J
Then I cover up the basic paper with some ribbons, and also make a wave on the border. I stick up the paper with words and a picture of a girl on the basic paper. I also make a flower with leaves from felt. So this is my colourful card! I hope I have a colourful days too! J

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