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Smartphone Doesn't Always Has Smart User

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Who doesn’t like smartphone? Alright, we love smartphone! Actually I don’t know the right definition about a smartphone, so don’t ask me. But, in my opinion, a smartphone is a tool that we can use to help our work. As a student, I need a smartphone to help me looking for and downloading college stuffs than can’t doing by general phones. But ironically, here (where I live), a smartphone just using to show that the owner has enough money to buy it.
Okay, I will tell you one of those ironic stories about smartphone. That day, I and my friends have a task to do by our teacher and we need to find the stuff quickly. Of course, we need smartphone to help us because none of us bring laptop that day. Buuuuutttt, unfortunately, they who have smartphone (majority of my friends) can’t do the task. Their reason? Their ‘smartphones’ doesn’t has that capability, their ‘smartphones’ just can do the the facebook and twitter only, even their ‘smartphone’ can’t open google. Wow! So for what those smartphone if its not for smart using?

I remember when I was in high school, the teacher of my teacher tell me, what the definition of good book. The good book doesn’t about the good cover, good paper inside the book, or good content. But its about how the owner using that book. So, I think this smartphone case same with the good book case.
That’s why I write, a smartphone doesn’t always has a smart user. Its not mean I doesn’t like to lend my phone to my friends. But hey, they have their own smartphones. Its name not a smartphone for nothing.
Please guys, use you smartphone wisely! J

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