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Lolita Book Covers

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Ups, 2 days ago I said that I would upload about my newest carft project, but I didn’t. So, sorry… >_< ! But today I will write about it. I call its as “Lolita Book Cover”.
Okay, I really love Lolita, its cute I think. I’m interested to make some accessories by Lolita style, like headband and bow. But, I don’t sew it yet because I do no need it any time soon. But, I need some notebooks or book for me to write my ideas of craft and for my college. So, I combine my needs and interest in mye newest craft creation. I make book covers by Lolita style of headband.

I have lots of notebooks in my cupboard, but its has not cute covers. Because of I was too lazy to buy some cute notebooks and I need to save my money, so I make this cute book covers. I made 3 covers with cute fabric.
First, I make the pink one. I use cute ice cream fabric. I really love this one. May be I will use it as diary or to write my ideas of crafting  and writing (Yes, I will come back to write fiction stories J ).
The second one I made is the orange. I like the colour because its so fresh. I use the butterfly fabric. May be, I will use its as my note (like I said, I need book or notes for my college).
The last one I made is the green book cover. I use cute kitten green fabric. I sew some ribbon and lace on it. Actually, I want use its as my new project of something, but I think about it again. I still confuse. So, I don’t know whit what would I do to this one. J
Okay, if you like my ideas of crafting or my stories, don’t you mind to follow my blog? J

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