Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Fabric Bow Bookmark

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Well, good evening everyone! ^_^
Do you read my previous blog post? Haha, yeah, I was in bad mood. Actually I don’t want to mad (who wants by the way?), but things happens and I can’t control myself. I just, yeah, can’t say my feeling aloud, so I write it into a poetry. Hahaha, forget it!

Today, I make two bookmarks from fabric. I just want to read some books, but too lazy to fold the paper to make a mark (where I stop reading it). So, I decide to make bookmarks, but from fabric.
Oh yeah, this kind of fabric bookmarks is not my original idea. I got it on internet but I don’t remember from where, what site, and who is the crafter. The bookmarks that they made were pretty cute. Since long time ago I want to make this bookmarks, and today, its done. I use some cotton fabric with different colours, bells (because I love the jingle), and beads.
Its very easy to make. Just cut the fabric then sew it ( I hand sew it because I’m in lazy mood to use sewing machine). The make the bow from fabric, then sew the beads and bells. And done! ^_^
You can make it bu yourself too. Happy crafting! ^o^

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