Senin, 20 Mei 2013

Good Bye My Sweet Ro

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Rest in peace my baby hemo, Ro.
Yeah, I’m sad because last night my lovely hamster died. Do you remember her? I mean Ro? Yeah, she is my favourite, because she was very cute and pretty fat. But lately, she was sick and very thin.
Last night, like usual, I feed my hamsters. Ro live with Greil, her daughter. When I feed them carrot slices, Greil wake up from her nap and Ro still sleep (I thought). Then I feed my other hamsters (Grim and Chelsea). After I feed them all, I back to Ro and Greil’s cage. I confused why Ro wasn’t wake up yet. So I touch her cage to wake her up, but she still sleep. I become worried. So, I touch her and she wasn’t stir or wake up. Her body was cold and hard. Oh my God, she died!
I’m very sad. But, I found sweet thing. I feed them carrot slices, but when I check their cage, I just found Greil run here and there. Where was she place those carrot slices? Usually hamster put their food in the corner of their cage (my hamsters do that too). And after I found out that Ro’s died (I put Greil in other cage), I found those carrots slice buried beside her dead body. Maybe Greil put it there so when Ro wake up, she can eat it. Oh, very sweet.
Roreta Penchova. Born at 10 October 2011 and died at 20 May 2013.
Good bye my sweet hemo.

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