Minggu, 05 Mei 2013

Cute Mouth Mask

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Hello, happy Sunday night! ^o^
About a week I don’t post anything, now I want to write about my new project, handmade mouth mask. Yeah, this is my first mouth mask. This one is a sample, actually for myself. I make five at all, but one for myself, so another four is for Imero Hemo (my online shop). But, now I just finish this one, another four are not done yet.

I choose colourfull cotton because I love it. I use stripes and polkadots cotton fabric. For the rope, I will use invisible stitch because I’m not great in sewing small part like this, not as neat as I hope it will be. I also use lace because I like it. I sew a bunny (from felt) on it and it has a cute bow on one of it ears.
Alright, wait for me to finish all of these mouth masks and I will upload it for Imero Hemo. So, see you next time! ^_^

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