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Cute Boxes for My Cousin

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“Oh, No!”, that was my expression when I know that day (Sunday) was my cousin birthday. Oh My God, I wasn’t buy a gift yet. What should I do? Then, I look for my fabric stuff and I find a cute pink fabric. Its like a rainbow, but with lots of pink. I think I would make a handmade gift for her by this fabric that I have.
My cousin loves pink so much, so I think the pink fabric I have is suitable for her. I just make some boxes from paper (I use linen paper) and covering it with the fabric. For the inside I covering it with gift paper, of course the colour is pink too, deep pink actually. I want covering the inside with fabric too, but  I never make a fabric box before so I doubt it would be bad. I make a cute pink flower from ribbon and use a bead on the middle. Then I glue the flower to the front of the boxes. And then, finish!

I make 3 boxes. I glue two boxes together, the tallest and the shortest. This is the gift that I make for my cousin. And another one is for myself because the boxes is very cute, of course I want to make some for myself. I then use the box for my pencil colours. ^_^

I also make a handmade birthday card. I got the pattern from PaperMuseum on Japanese Site (same site with the site I got doll house papercraft). I make a fruit parfait glass, then I write my birthday wish for her (my cousin) on the back of the glass. There is an empty space where I can write the message.
I really hope my cousin likes my handmade birthday gift. Sometimes, I want give my other friends handmade gifts, but I doubt they don’t like that. Because, here, where I live, people don’t appreciate the handmade things. They think handmade things isn’t great and very cheap. But they never think that handmade craft is made by love and sometime its one and only. Yeah, I think that’s why handmade things is very expensive. So, I really hope my cousin likes the gift. And about 2 hour after I give her my gift, she texted me and said that she likes the gift and the card. Oh, thanks God ! ^o^

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