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How To Make Kusudama Flower

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Alright, happy Sunday! ^o^
Today I will upload a tutorial to make kusudama flower. Its very easy. Actually I make this tutorial for me myself, because sometimes I forget how to make an origami flower. So, when I want to make an origami flower but I forget how to make it, then I can search it on my own blog. Hehe… ^_^

I won’t talk much, just upload pictures. I hope everyone (and you) can understand what I do with the paper. Origami paper that I used is two side colours, one green and another one is blue.

Then, make 4 other petals. Glue all of them together. And finish! To make kusudama ball, we need many flowers, but sorry I don’t know how many. I never make kusudama ball. I tried, but failed because I’m not patient enough to make lots of this flowers.
You can try to make this origami flower too. The best thing is we can make it gift paper or magazine paper. It will look cute. Okay, happy crafting Girls! ^o^

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