Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Cute ID Card Holder Yellow

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Alright, back to campus! Its time for study. Actually I want to take a break for my craft activities. But, I can’t help my crafty touch even for my stuff for college.
Yes, I make a cute ID Card holder again. But, this one is different with the other one that I ever made. This one is for my activities on college. I wear it when me and friends discuss about a case in a room. I forget the system name, but its something like learning based case, we’re given an case to solve. Yeah, and the teacher will sit around us and keep silent, because he/she will assess us for everything we talk. So, the teacher need our names. That’s why everyone of us using ID card. And because my old ID card holder was broken, so I need a new one but I’m not in the mood to buy a boring and plain ID card.

I make this cute ID card holder by fabric. Yeah, I use my favorite colour, yellow!  Actually its not full of yellow. There’s a brown-yellow, pink, and red lines too. If you know me, you know about my freak for ribbon or bow. So I make a bow from the same fabric and put it on the corner. I use a pink bead too. Oh my, this is very cute. I love it! ^o^

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