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My First Quilt, An Ice Cream Quilt

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Oh, no! I’m sick! There is wet season now. Rain almost everyday and I got sick because of that. When I go home after class (in college) is over, the day is rainy and of course I got wet. Actually I have a rain coat, but its very big like a bat, bat raincoat. Its difficult to wear it when the rain is not hard. I’m use motorcycle. Actually I can buy another rain coat that two piece, with top and skirt (raincoat for girl), but I’m very lazy because I need to save my money to buy something. But, I need a jacket that can protect me so I don’t get wet. Then, I got an old jacket. But, its not cute. So I give it my crafty touch. I make an ice cream quilt.

Actually I’m inspirated by banana split ice cream. I want to make an ice cream quilt. So, the first thing I do is make the pattern use corel draw (on computer). Print it out. Then I cut the fabrics with different colours like the pattern. Do you notice that my favorite colour in the centre of it? Hehe… ^_^
After I cut the fabric, I sew it. Handmade sewing. This is the result and the jacket is a little girly now. And this is the first quilt that I ever made and finished. I will learn more about quilting because I love it! ^o^

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