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How To Make Cute Box ala Aina

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Happy Saturday, girls! ^o^
Alright, like I said before (on my previous post) I would upload a tutorial about how to make a cute box from paper and fabric. In this tutorial, I make the little one. Material needed are cardboard, glue, cute fabric, ribbon, bead, thread, needle, pencil, scissor, and ruler.

First, we need to make the box from cardboard. Size of the box that I made is 2” x 4” x 5”, but actually the size is up to you. Use glue to make the box. Make 2 boxes, one is smaller, maybe about 2-3mm. The smaller box will use for the inside.

Next step, covering the box with fabric. After each box is wrapped, united both using glue.

For the accesorries, I make flower from ribbon. I cut ribbon about 14”, then hand sew it. After it, I pull the thread until the ribbon wrinkle. Then, I glue a bead on top of it.

Last step, glue the ribbon flower on the wrapped box. And finish!

Okay, sorry for the poor pictures. I don’t have nice camera, so I just take the pictures with my phone. Hope one day I can buy a nice camera. Amin! ^o^
Alright, happy crafting girls! ^o^

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