Minggu, 17 November 2013

Girls on Doodle

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Good Sunday night, everyone!
This is my new doodle. Actually I made the sketch about 2 weeks ago but then abandoned because I was busy with other things and do not have the mood to doodling. My mood is the most important thing to make my doodle this time, because I draw my anger on it.
My doodle this time has a message on it, you can read it. It written in Bahasa Indonesia, in English it means “You are not me and I never want to be you”. Actually I wrote a prose (or a poetry) about my anger too (you can read on my previous blog post, written in Bahasa Indonesia) and make this doodle as blog post cover. I just want to tell to people that everyone of us are unique with our own way, have different passion and taste.
Sometime I feel bad because I release my anger or madness to a prose, poetry, or doodle. But I think its still better that badmouth about something or someone who make me angry.

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