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Kanzashi : Maple Leaves, Morning Glory, Cherry Blossom, and Bellflower

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Finally, I made those kanzashi flowers, hehehe… ^_^
Look, I’ve made maple leaves, morning glory, cherry blossom, and bellflower kanzashi. This is the first time I made those kanzashi.

First, maple leaves. I use yellow satin fabric and deep orange with black flower fabric. Actually, since long time ago I want make this, but finally I have the time to do that.
Second, morning glory. Oh my God, it was so pretty (I think). I really really curious how to make morning glory (or asagao?) kanzashi but I only found a tutorial in English. Just 1 tutorial. If I’m not wrong I found it on devianArt but I’m forget the artist, sorry. I use the technique to make this morning glory. Now, I think I fallin in love with morning glory kanzashi. But… I need lots of glue to make it L
Third, I made cherry blossom kanzashi. I could not make the shape on the petals, so I glue it. I wonder how those artists or crafters make petals of cherry blossom kanzashi, do they use special fabric or they use spray so the fabric become hard, or something else??
The last one was bellflower kanzashi. I use red cotton fabric. I must say, that was the first time I make bellflower kanzashi, so the shape was weird. I will learn more to make it.
Alright, see you next time. I need to finish my felt doll keychain. Hehehe… :p

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