Jumat, 22 November 2013

Felt Carrots and doughnuts

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Happy Saturday morning everyone! ^o^
Look at these carrots, isn’t it cute? Hehehe… :p
If you think I’m the one who make these felt carrots, then you’re wrong. Because the one who made these was my mom. Yeah, she has plenty time and curious so she tried to make these carrots. She use sewing machine to sew the inside then handsewing the top. I like the colours, I think orange and green are pretty together. Beside carrots, she also make some strawberries. I don’t take the photo of those strawberries because its similar to strawberries felt we made earlier (you can read on my previous blogpost).
While my mom sew those felt carrots, I was make these doughnuts. I think its not as pretty as my previous doughnuts felt. Maybe because the felt that I used was not as bright as the previous one, and because I feel bored. Yeah, my lackness is I can make something too much because I can feel bored and tired easily. But, that’s okay. I still like my doughnuts felt keychains. Ah yeah, we (me and my mom) put keychain ringson the carrots, strawberries and doughnuts that we made.

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