Minggu, 17 November 2013

Kanzashi Plum Blossom

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Finally I made it!
This is kanzashi that I made a few days ago. It made from cotton fabric. I love the colours, yellow and purple. Actually I want make kanzashi for my kebaya so I can use the kanzashi as hijab or veil accessories. But unfortunately, the kebaya fabric was used up, so I can’t make it.
This is the kebaya that I aimed.
Then, I choose to make kanzashi from cotton fabric. I have purple sasirangan (traditional fabric from South Kalimantan) gown, then I choose purple and yellow fabric to make the kanzashi. Oh yeah, on the photo you can see a hair comb behind the kanzashi. I don’t glue the kanzashi on it, just place the kanzashi on top of it, because I want use the kanzashi on my hijab or veil using pin (not hair comb). Hehehe… :p

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