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Upcycle Jeans to A Cute Apron

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I really love recycle nor upcycle things, because it was really fun to do and of course it was also fun to see people face when they realize what we make is a recycle or upcycle thing. This is my newest upcycle project, an apron from old jeans.
I was looking for old clothes that unused from my cupboard but then I realize my good but old clothes were given to some people because my cupboard is full. I hate when my cupboard full of clothes, so I decided to give some clothes (it were still in good condition but I don’t or seldom use it) to people, my neighbor exactly. Actually I have an old pajama, a dress one with batik design. I love that pajama because it cool when used. But I give up on it because it was really old. Another reason, my mother buys me some new pajamas for me. Then, I change that old pajama to be an apron. Unfortunately, I don’t take a picture of it.
Then, I want make a new apron. But I’m too lazy to cut my new fabric that I bought last wednesday. So, in friday, I looking for old and unused clothes in my little brother’s cupboard. Then I found some my big bro and his wife’s clothes in it. My big bro and his wife leaves some of their clothes in my lil bro cupboard after they married and moving, and forget to bring it again when they moving again. I think if they don’t use it anymore, my scissor ready to cut it then upcycling it, hehehe :p .
I found an old jeans. A black one. I was confuse, it was my lil bro’s or my big bro’s. Because the size number was 30 that my big bro used when he’s not fatter like now, but the design of that jeans was more suitable with my lil bro’s taste. But, I believe none of them who the owner of this jeans will use it anymore. Because the colour was dull, not black anymore. So I decided to cut it.
I cut the jeans on the legs then cut open it. I put felt applique on it then handsew it. I also sew shirt fabric (the red one) on it. The shirt fabric was from my old pajama. If you ever buy pajama at Bali, you will know what I mean with shirt fabric of pajama. The pajama was comfortable and cool when used, but yeah, that pajama of mine was old. I handsew the apron, all of it. I don’t brave enough to sew it with sewing machine because I’m afraid the machine can’t sew thick fabric like jeans.
I am happy when my mother, big bro, and sis in law said the apron was cute. Hehehe… :p
My lil bro who busy with his school just realize I cut the jeans and ask why I do that. Then, I realize, the jeans was my lil bro’s. I said I make an apron with it and ask if he has a problem with it. He just smirk and said he wants a new jeans. That little brother if mine!

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