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Easy Photo Editing with Cymera

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Look at my newest red peony kanzashi, isn’t it pretty?!? ^o^
This time I use red and pink soft shirt fabric. I make the peony kanzashi a little different with original peony kanzashi because I’m in the mood for to do it. I use some small beads and woll yarn. I love this red peony kanzashi!
Alright, actually I just made this kanzashi this morning then take the photo at noon. Before I take a photo of it, I show this kanzashi to my parents. My father said something about give it to someone. What??? It looks like my fater has missunderstanding with me (because I sometime give my crafts to my friends) but sorry, I don’t give this kanzashi for free to anyone. I usually take photos at daylight on my veranda, over creamy ceramics. Then I editing the photo using Cymera on my tab. After I finished, I show the photo to my father then he said the photo was prettier than the real one. What??? Is it mean that my kanzashi was ugly??? or I did too much editing??? Sigh, actually I don’t do much editing to my photos. So, I decide to make a tutorial how I did my editing.
I use Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and installing Cymera. Cymera is like a programme to take photos and editing it. I use Cymera because it’s very easy to use and the results were pretty. I think the most important things for crafty photos are watermark and a little effect. So, I just give a little effect and write text for my crafty photos, like this one. Usually, after I editing the photos, I upload it to my facebook, pinterest, fanpage, or twitter. Then I download my own photos and save it in my laptop. Yeah, if you lazy like me, you can do this too, hehehe… :p

You can download and install Cymera on playstore (for android user like me).
I insert my photo that I want to edit. Then I take effect => filter => sweet. I choose sweet then settle it to 35% (usually I settle about 20%-45%). You can choose what effect you want. After I sure with the effect, I click apply.
Then take decorate => text. In text, I write my blog’s name and address as watermark, choose the font, choose the colour of the text, and choose the transparency. Then, apply. Finish! Very easy but pretty, isn’t it?? Hehehe… :p

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