Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Felt : Cute Little Monster

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This time I made the felt decoration with small size and odd shape. First, I drew the pattern on paper. Once I noticed, it seemed cute when I made that picture in the form of felt. The picture is a picture of a little monster with long ears like a rabbit,round legs, without arms, and there is a strange ornament on its forehead.

I choose pale brown felt as my little monster’s body and a dark purple felt as a ornament on its forehead. I just need to cut felt suit pattern that has been drawn. Then I sew its face, such as eyes, mouth, and cheek color with black and pink yarn. After that, I attached purple felt on its forehead using glue. After that, I sew the front of the monster with the hindquarters and include the Dacron. And this is itu, my cute little monster!!!

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